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Leather Seat Dye


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February 17, 2001
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Central Texas
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2004 Mountaineer 4.6L
Does anyone know where I might get some leather dye or stain that will match the leather of our new to us 2004 Limited?

There are some worn places on the driver seat that I need to touch up with a matching dye or stain. The leather is light brown and of course the leather used in the seats is not dyed all the way through; only colored on the surface.

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the first link to the leathertique I will totally vouch for. My wife's Monty's grey leather has taken a beating from the kids and <I love you baby!> Less than caring primary driver (my wife)...

I tried several other products, but the leathertique was the one that actually DID something.

If you plan on dying or coloring the leather DO NOT useany product on it before you dye. Leather is 10,000 times worse than plastic or vinyl about keeping stuff in it. ?Hence why it looks so bad. which is my segway into my main point:

Leather gets looking crappy mainly because its DIRTY. I don't mean that as "you are unclean" .. Its a simple truth, LEather attracts and retains soiling agents more than any other upholstery, thus it needs cleaned and protected.

I use Ford's leather cleaner/conditioner for basic cleaning on a regular basis.



both of these companies are professional detailing suppliers they both have awesome leather products.