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Leather seat replacement


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February 17, 2001
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2004 Mountaineer 4.6L
I have a 1993 EB with Mocha colored leather seats. Does anyone know a web site, supplier or a place I could get new leather seat covers that match OEM? Or would I need to have the entire seat replaced? All recommendations are appreciated. Thanks MikeTEC

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You may want to try Dead Link Removed. I have not personal experience with them but have heard a lot of good things about them.

Does anyone know if you can install the catskinz yourself?

Leather interior

If you can get your hands on a Ford Motorsport catalog, there is a section from a place called Classic Soft Industries. They have leather replacement for almost all Fords. You have to call them for info though.

Who publishes Ford Motorsport? Tried to find their website but could not locate one. Thanks MikeTEC

Go to www.fordracing.com and click on the performance part section. It will give you an address to send away for the catalog. I have also seen the catalog available through Summit Auto Racing. It may be quicker to order through Summit. It took a while for my catalog to arrive directly from Ford.

Thanks, Dbirl528 for the information. Had a local upholster to give me an estimate but perhaps this will a better source. MikeTEC

Leather seats

I brought home my Ford Racing catalog. You must call 1-800-613-6004 to find the the local Ford Authorized Classic Soft Trim Distributor. These seats are color matched and meet Ford O.E.M. specs. They also come with a 3yr./36,000 mile warranty. They claim to carry seats for '91-'01 Explorer including Sport Trac, and just about every other model Ford you would want to put replacement seats in. If you find out any info pass it on.