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LED Daytime Running Lights

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I can't see how that could look good on our trucks but if you do it throw up some photos so we can take a look.


^^^next we can add these awesome vents to the fenders (fyi:they add 45hp while cooling the brakes!!) jk, i think led strips would look hideous on our tracs, too ricer for me. put some mudd on it instead :D but when it comes down to it, it's what you like and what makes you happy.

those vents look horrible......I think yall are thinking I want led's all over my truck....they would simply be going on the outer edge of the headlight : bottom of the housing and up to the outer side.

I think I know where you're thinking of putting them. I don't personally think they'd look good. It's your money and your truck to prove me wrong with, though.

yea i was just burning some free time thinking of ideas in hopes that someone already took the plunge and tried it.