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LED dome lights


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March 10, 1999
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Having read the posts about changing dome lighting over to LEDs, I looked into it: Radio Shack LEDs around 2-3 dollars each cost way too much. Online LEDs are cheaper, but I don't need 100 LEDs and resistors. Looking around my area there doesn't seem to be an electronic components supplier close, so I went looking for an other option.

I was in an Auto Zone the other day, getting a water pump, another story, and found a two-for deal on LED flash lights. Hey hey just over 2 dollars and they have 9 bright white LEDs each. They require 3 AAA batteries each (img#1), now all I need are resistors to bring 12 volts down to under 4.5 +/- volts, and find a way to mount them in the dome light housing. After some testing found that a 125-180 ohm 5 watt resister will bring the voltage down to the levels needed. About 50 cents each.

Start by disassembling the flash light. All you need is the LED circuit board in the business end of the light. Looking at the back of the LED board, the spring in the center is the "+" 12 volt and the outside edge of the board is the "-" common. (img#2)

Remove the dome light (covered in other threads) and remove the bulbs. Then solder #16 size wires (colors of your choice) about 4 inches long,
two to the "-" (common) and two, (one each) to the "+" (12 volt) switched sides of the light socket. Make sure the contacts will not short out. Run the wires around the reflector and through the hole, down to the center of the socket. (img#3)

Solder one end of a 125 ohm, 5 watt resister to the center "+" connector of LED board, the other end to the "+" 12 volt switched wire. Solder one of the "-" common wire to the "-" side of the LED board. Finally secure the LED board to the dome light socket (I used a little silicone). Repeat on the other side of the dome light. (img#4)

After a little testing reinstall the dome light assembly and you're all done.

Total cost under 4 dollars.


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Cool man, post up some pics of them on

How the LEDs look at night


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Great Job!

Cool, lots of bright white light.

looks good

looks great

I went to get those flashlights and only saw some for ~9bucks, what brand are the one you got?

I just got two more to do the rear lights. And the price is now 9+ dollars for the two. Guess the sale is over, or they may have been miss marked at Auto Zone, but even for the 9 dollars it's still cheaper than Radio Shack.

The ones I got on sale were just two in a skin pack with batteries. Don't remember a name on the pack.

I'm going to look at a 99cent store and see what they have.

do they have different colors for the leds

Harbor Freight usually has good prices on these. Last set I got was 2.99. Right now on the webiste theyre not on sale but I havent checked the most recent ad. Im going to try this next time when they are on sale. Remember to sign up for their email ads because they send you 20% off coupons like every month. :)


No I have not seen any other colors.
Finished the rear interior lights, there is now lots of light in the cab.


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