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LED Headlight kit w/Ballast

Thinking of doing the LED 9007 w/ballast headlight upgrade since I will be replacing my whole turn signal and headlight assemblies.


Has anyone used this type and how will/does it affect the console info center readout on my 96 EB Ex?
Please don't drop LEDs or HIDs into a normal halogen reflector headlight housing. You will literally blind everyone that happens to be in front of you, even the ones going the same direction. If you're looking for more light do a true HID projector retrofit. LEDs will last longer but don't have the output, even in a HID projector, which is better than a halogen reflector. Check out the facebook page Headlight Junkies. You'll see what I mean.

And if you do a Morimoto Mini H1 or Mini D2s (like I am come tax time) it's a very easy retro in the 2nd gen buckets

And as far as center console message center, it shouldn't affect it no matter how you decide to do your bulbs. Worst case, if you do go LED/reflector anyways, is you may need a load resistor