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LED light bar for 2010 explorer


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April 21, 2016
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2010 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey guys, new to the forums.
I was wondering if anybody knew of any led light bars and mounts that could be mounted on the top. I've been looking around and haven't seen anything specifically for a 2010 Explorer. Any ideas on what works best or what you've got installed would be great, links to products or threads anything. Thanks y'all

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everyone on here that has done this mod has had to make their own door jam brackets

Order Jeep Grand Cherokee ones and just bend and cut them until they fit , all I did.

They unfortunately don't make any Explorer-specific kits in our years. I've seen quite a few members use the 05ish Silverado brackets with some light bending, and they look fine.

I have a 52" straight bar and some of those Silverado brackets waiting to be installed. (Waiting until I install my lift and get bigger tires)

I added a light bar in the front bumper.


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