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LED lightbar install


August 19, 2013
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London, Ontario
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2005 Explorer XLT, 4.6 V8
hey guys, I found a good deal on a 22 inch lightbar, and I want to mount one in behind my grill, anyone done this before? Is 22 going to fit? Im out if town and not near my X, its a (05 XLT) if anyone has any suggestions, tips, etc or even a picture with the grill off so I can grt an idea if where the mounting points are, I cant find any pics like that, its much appreciated!

Thanks guys

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i know this thread is a little old but I have a 32" light bar behind the grill of my 02. I had to make some brackets to extend the core support out about 2 inches per side but it fits.

Do you have any pictures? Now that I have the 24 on I want more bright its not enough lol

You can fit a 52" bar above the windshield. Curved would be cool.
I've been thinking about it, but I also run a lot of back country roads where
it would actually be useful.

here's some installed pics of my 32" behind the grill


I like this idea, looks good.
But does having it begins ur grill disturb the light output?

The light output is fine through the billet grill, I have a 32 inch on the bumper of my Bronco 2 and I don't notice a difference between the 2. I'll try to get some night pictures with it on

I have a 32" on mine in the lower grill. To mount it i used 1 3/4"X 6?X 5/16". I used the bolt on the lower bumper crash bar. Then cut the rubber air dam to fit the bar in and wired it up. Its not moving and i know its secure. I used security bolts on the mounts to discourage people from stealing the bar

I've recently got such an LED Lightbar from Ledoutfitters website. It is a really great thing. Thank you for the replies here, they were very useful for me too