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LED Turn Signal Flickering


April 5, 2015
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2013 Ltd
I have Diode dynamics HID headlights and foglights. I also have diode dynamics LED switchback parking/turning signals (with resistors installed to prevent hyper-flashing turn signal), sidemarkers, and LEDs for all interior lights and puddle lights.

I removed the amber lens from my headlights, so I normally have white headlights, white parking lights (amber, when signaling), and white sidemarker lights.

The other night, I was driving with all lights on, including the foglights. And I noticed from a reflection in the car in front of me, that my passenger side parking/signal lamp was off. I activated the right three-flash turn signal and it flashed amber as usual. After the signal ended, the lamp turned back on (to white) in drive mode and appeared normal.

When parked in my garaged, I wanted to see if this was an isolated event or if this had been going for a while. I turned off the headlights and parking lights, then turned them back on (leaving the foglights off). Everything normal. I signaled, and the light worked fine. then I turned on the foglights, and the passenger parking lamp turned off briefly, then back on (this did not happen on the driver side). Turning on my foglights normally has no affect on the parking lights.

I then turned off my foglights, then the parking lamp briefly turned off and then turned back on again. Seconds later, I turned the foglights back on, and the off/back on thing happened again (with the same parking lamp). This time, a few more seconds later (while the foglights were still on), the parking lamp turns off again, and then flickers (kinda strobes) amber. Sometimes it flickers for a few seconds then turns back to white. Other times, it flickers, then goes out entirely until I use the turn signal, or turn off/then on the signal lights.

Another weird thing is everything seems fine when most lights are on (headlights, parking/turn signals, and sidemarkers are on; but fogs are off). I've tried to load the battery by running all accessories (A/C, etc), but no effect. The off/on/off/flickering of the turn signal starts whenever I turn on or off the foglights. Also, the driver side signal lamp is not affected in any way: no flickering, doesn't turn off/on whenever I activate or deactivate the foglights.

Im not an electrician by any means, but all fuses are fine, had a friend check the resistors and they are fine, battery and alternator are fine, connections are solid and there doesn't appear to be any wires pinched, worn, torn, or anything that seems to be short-circuit related.

Any help would be appreciated.