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LED Turn Signal Lights

Hey everyone, long time reader first time poster!

I have an issue that has just cropped up. I recently replaced both turn signal bulbs in the front and rear with the LED variants for each. I'm getting hyper flash on the inside signal indicator, but the bulbs blink at the correct speed. I know I can use ForScan to fix the hyper flash issue.

The issue I'm concerned about is that the rear LED signals blink fine individually and when the hazards are on. However, when I press the brake pedal, both signal LEDs illuminate as well. I've searched for similar problems but couldn't see anything like this. I took the LED out and put the regular bulb back in and it did the same thing. None of the wires appear to be shorting out or even stripped anywhere visible.

Does anyone have an idea of what may be causing this and an easy fix? I guess I could always just get the red equivalent bulb and it wouldn't be as obvious an issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice!