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Leenjen ... I need some help


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October 7, 2000
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'99 XLT 5.0L
A while back i asked a question about the color codes for the speaker wires and the answer i was given was wrong. The speaker wires going to the back of the radio are completely differnt colors than the ones on the actual speakers in the doors. Here are my findings.

Here are the colors from the back of the radio

Left Front Negative = White/Black
Left Front Positive = White

Right Front Negative = Grey/Black
Right Front Positive = Grey

Left Rear Negative = Green/Black
Left Rear Positive = Green

Right Rear Negative = Violet/Black
Right Rear Positive = Violet

Now the wires that are actually on the speakers are as follows.

Left Front = Light Blue with a white stripe
Orange with a green stripe

Left Rear = Grey with a light blue stripe
Peach with a yellow stripe

Right Front = White with a green stripe
Green with an orange stripe

Right Rear = Orange with a red stripe
Brownish Purple with a pink stripe

Now here is my question ... Which wire colors are positives and which ones are negatives? I am going to install another amp in my car for the door speakers and it is a pain in the ass to take off all of the plastic panels and door panels to run all new wires to the doors. So what i wanted to do is access the wire from the inside of the car. I found a spot where i can access all of those wires and i will only have to take off one panel. But the problem is that i do not know which ones are negative and which ones are postive.

Does anyone have a wireing diagram which states that? I know that leenjen works with audio all the time so i was hoping that you would be able to help.

I know that i can figure it out using a 9 volt battery but the whole point of doing it this way is so that i do noth ave to take off the panels anymore.

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I did a search awhile back and found out a lot of information on my 92.If i remember right it took a little while to find.Wish I could be more help.

i'm sorry. i wish i could help, but i usually rewire the whole car. that's what i did with my explorer. if you buy the wire harness, it should list what colors are + &-, and what speakers they are for.

Oh well .... i guess i will try to figure it out and post my results. i already have a wire harness that connects to my radio. But the problem is that somwhere from between the back of the radio and the speaker there is some sort of junction box or something and the colors are completely differnt.

I too used the factory speaker wires from my amp. Looks like my 98 speaker wires are the same as yours. I've got a bit more info in a text file I can attach to mail if you send me your e-mail address.

1 DrkGreen/Orange----grey/black-----RtFrnt-
2 White/Green----------grey-------------RtFrnt+
3 Brown/Pink------------purple/black--- RtRear-
4 Orange/red------------purple-----------RtRear+
5 empty-------------------empty-----------(amp turn on?)
6 Pink/Black(thin)-------empty------------(pwr antenna?)
7 Black--------------------orange/black----grounding dimmer
8 Pink/Black(thick)------orange-----------illum/dimmer
9 Black/Green------------black/white-----amp ground
10 Blue/White-----------white/black------LftFrnt-
11 Orange/Green-------white-------------LftFrnt+
12 Tan/Yellow-----------green/black------LftRear-
13 Grey/Blue-------------green-------------LftRear+
14 Black/Green----------black--------------Chassis Ground
15 Yellow/Black----------red----------------switched Acc 12V
16 Green/Purple---------yellow------------batt constant 12v