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Left side speakers


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September 24, 2020
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2014 Police interceptor
I have a 2014 PIU and the left side of the speakers don't work at all front and back I’m not sure if maybe when it was decommissioned they accidentally cut the wire or it’s an option? I checked the audio settings and that’s not the issue, Anyone have a radio diagram I believe I have the non sync version thanks!

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I have the same issue now, did you get this fixed.
i'd remove the door card, and then see to make sure no wiring is messed up. not sure how these are done on the headunit side, so i'd start with the speaker side, and also check the audi settings if it allows you to set where you want the noise to me. and arer you playing thru phone, or just thru the radio? @J_C do you have diagrams for these?

I don't have anything specific to a PIU, but I do have the '14 wiring diagrams linked below in my sig.

One thing I might try is pull the panel to see if the speakers are wired up and if so, note the wire color, then pull the radio and see if same color makes it there, and if so, test resistance between the two ends with a multimeter... should be near zero ohms but if open circuit then yeah, the wire may be cut somewhere, could try to find that or just take the more direct course of string a new wire, making sure you cut out the old one it replaces at both ends so no chance of it shorting out to the chassis later.

I have the same issue now, did you get this fixed.
Like fix4dirt said, i’d check the audio settings first. Pulling the door cards is pretty easy. If you haven’t done one on an explorer there are youtube videos to help. Speakers are mounted on to a bracket which is secured to the door frame. There is a wire harness clipped into the speaker. Should be easy to spot on all 4 doors.

Pulling the radio is super easy as well. There are youtube videos for that too.