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Left turn big grinding noise

January 10, 2011
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This is 98 explorer, 6 cylinder, 4wd, eddi bauer. I am a new driver, knowing nothing about car. When I make a left turn, at first, there is no noise. But, when I turn the wheel close to the left end, there is a big grinding noise. No noise is heard during right turn. It just happen this two weeks.
Anyone has the same problem?
What is the problem? thank you so much.

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Check the front wheel bearings. If when you go straight there is no grinding, then your bearings on one wheel are bad.

Nope, it definitely sounds like a wheel bearing. Get a mechanic to open it up and see. I believe it's your right wheel bearing I think if you turn left and it grinds. Wheel bearings always go bad on this car.

The truck doesn't throw any codes unless the check engine light is on. When it comes to problems like that the only way to go about solving them is to physically check it out.

Jack up the front end and grab the tire at 12 and 6 and wiggle it.. if there is ANY play in the wheel you have a bad bearing. It also wouldn't hurt to check your brakes and make sure it isn't a rotor or dust shield rubbing against something. My guess is your hub bearing.

Sorry to butt in here but, I've got a similar grinding noise somewhere in the axles/bearings/drivetrain of my 1998 Merc Mountaineer AWD. Maybe someone else has had the same problem.

The grinding is only heard/felt when doing slow turns (like pulling into a driveway) or backing out; it seems to occurr more while backing. The vehicle drives well on the highway, and the brakes work OK ... all brake pads have been replaced within the last year. I had to replace the front drive shaft/cv connection a few years ago and there was a similar grinding type noise but there was also a clicking noise which is not present in the current problem.

I took it to a shop a couple of months ago and they thought it might be something wrong with the rear end (a L/S 8.8 with 3.73 ratio); they opened it and clean out the old fluid as best they could and replaced it with some BG Synthetic gear lube.

The gear lube replacement was probably necessary but, the noise continues. Do you get grinding noises before a rear end goes out?

I had to tighten the parking brake cable a few months back in order to pass a vehicle inspection; I'm wondering of it could be a dragging brake shoe? Just a guess.

I suspect that trying to do a driveway diagnosis it going to be a real pain in the a$$ so, I thought I check anyone here to see if they've had a similar problem.

Thanx for any suggestions.

Welcome to the forum! I am going to have to say that the brakes could be dragging and rear end noise would be heard at all speeds and not just low ones. I would check the brakes to see if they need to be done and also check to see if the rotors are in bad shape.


Thanx Jeremy, I hope it is the brakes.

According to Haynes manual, 98 Mountaineer has separate, drum type parking brakes within the rear wheel rotors. It looks like I've got to pull the rotor in order to get to the shoes. This is probably a job for a shop to check out.