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Legendary sports broadcaster George Michael dead at 70


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January 3, 2003
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sux!!!!!!! Forced into retirement 2 years ago or so, and then they quite letting him do the redskins show. First of it's kind back in the day, and the WRC TV 4 , cut the production while it posted number 1 ratings! But yes he will be missed and no one will be able to fill his shoes in the sports media outlets.

I'll miss him. Used to watch him all the time when I lived in the suburbs of DC. He would even show some of the local Drag racing events. Drag strips like Capital Raceway and Maryland International, formerly Budd's Creek.
I liked when he had John Riggens, # 44 on his show, especially when John would come in a little soused.

John Riggens was a class act.

...I was a big fan...:salute:

...I'm not even a huge fan of watching sports but I always watched his show...I used to Rodeo and he was the only national sports announcer that not only reported on it, he was an enthusiast of the sport and could be found doing his show from many different Rodeo grounds...

..The plays of the week and especially the plays of the month..I watched his last show with sadness as he was great at his job and made everything as exciting as if you were to see it live...

...Names like George Michaels, Chick Hearn, Harry Carray, and even Paul Harvey...Legends in what they did in broadcasting...

...George Michaels will be missed...:(

r.i.p. george michael