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Let’s see your aftermarket fogs/light upgrades


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September 7, 2019
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97' Explorer Sport OHV
Hey guys, winter is here with increased darkness and crappy roads. I drive a crappy highway a couple times a week and I’m looking into adding some aftermarket fog lights or a light bar to use during my trek. What are the options out there and best mounting options? I was thinking either flush mount into the front chrome bumper since my 97 sport doesn’t have the lower fogs or within the gap by the front license plate holder. Any ideas,suggestions or pictures would be welcomed. If there’s a mounting kit made specially for this application let me know. Cheers

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Only use in in the rain or on a really dark road with little to no traffic. It will blind anything in front of me.

Only use in in the rain or on a really dark road with little to no traffic. It will blind anything in front of me.
I was thinking about using a bull bar and throw a couple fogs on it. I would only be using it when there’s no on coming haha.
Thanks and nice looking vehicle

Last year I installed some basic flood lights on the front of my Explorer. I wired them up with the stock fog light switch and a relay so the interior does not have any rogue switches. I bolted them in using pre-drilled holes in the bumper (although I did need to widen them out so the bolts would fit, and I also had to use washers to space the lights high enough). They're not street legal so use them at your own risk.
This next one is a lot more work (and money), but it's less illegal...
Last summer I installed an HID retrofit on my Explorer, and this improved my night driving experience greatly. Here is a write up that I found helpful while doing my retrofit. There are other write ups out there if you're interested, but this one was the easiest install I found.

I mounted a 4” Rigid Industries LED bar in the bracket that holds the OEM rectangular foglight. Took some trimming of the valence to make it fit. It’s wired directly to the factory wiring. I did the wiring mod that allows the foglights to be on as long as the car is on. I only did the driver side for now. I just wanted to add some decent light for my 2am or 3am drive to work. I could actually drive with just that on, it’s that bright. Another one on my passenger side would be even better.


Made a license plate bracket out of scrap aluminum plate and mounted 2 lights I had laying around the garage.
Wired to fog light switch.


Mounted to an Ebay grill guard.
KC hilites with 100watt bulbs. They throw kind of a spot beam. I have 2 others that are more flood. I'll get them all mounted to the roof rack when it's done.


My RLC Winch bumper, Rigid Driving lights in the bumper. A cheaper Aux Beam 20" unit on the cross bar.


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EAG bumper grafted on from a JK. Fogs are LEDs but they need to be upgraded as they are not the greatest

Added fog lights... 😊


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Installed the Roof bar and ditch lights on the roof rack.
Using a relay box from a Chinese copy of the Jeep Wrangler SPOD system.
Still hooking everything up.


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Two KC Flood lights, connected to high beams, mounted On the brush guard. Excellent downfield lighting.

Four LED 4” squares in the OEM foglight slots. Connected to stock fog light switch. These are aimed 30 yards in front of truck, because they are just so bright. But they are very helpful in snowstorms and bad weather.

Drive safe and have fun!