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Life In the Ghetto Parts 2 & 3


August 19, 2007
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Minneapolis, MN
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'06 XLT V8 4.6L
Well there were some nice pics of a super slick headrest vid install on this site... so of course I ghettoed out and just got an attachable unit. This is the Panasonic DVD-LS82 for around $200 and it works great. SWEET picture quality and you don't need to use headphones for young kids. They can listen and it doesn't bother the driver. Of course using headphones improves the sound quality a zillion fold, but 2 year olds don't really care!

One big advantage is you can take it with you, for example on an airplane which is were it really proved its value for us and our 2.5 year old. It's great for looong trips, but I would not use it at all around town, it just makes the kid mad when you shut it off!



Also I added another mp3 player to the dash after being inspired by someone's mention on this forum. This is the Creative Zen 32Gig flash unit. I also stuck my Sansa 8Gig underneath cuz it has some stuff I still want to listen on it. Dude, a 32Gig flash unit is freakin' unbelievable!!

It weighs next to nothing and has my entire CD collection plus a bunch of music from Rhapsody plus a lot of family pix and vids. And there is still more room left over!

This is the coolest gadget I've ever bought, and I've bought quite a few. Totally restores my faith in technology in making life truly better instead of just being a pain in the butt!



Where did you get the brackets to attach those? Online??? Can you post a link?

The mp3 units are mounted using just velcro from the local auto parts shop. The Creative unit is super light weight so it sticks just fine. The Sansa unit is heavier but since it runs vertically along the bezel it's as solid as a rock with velcro. I like this set up cuz you can re-position them easily and often for syncing them to a computer etc. Also when I sell the car the velcro comes off cleanly leaving no trace of an unused mount.

Leaving the car in a hot parking lot under the midsummer sun has melted the glue a little before, so I just throw the unit in the center console if I park the car under these circumstances.

Also, the Panasonic DVD LS82 comes with a headrest mounting kit included that works really well.

The velcro thing has me dubbing myself as the "King of All Media Ghetto Installs" ;)