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Lift 3rd Gen 02-05: Good Guys Auto Sales


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November 3, 2007
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03 XLT
Has anyone verified how GoodGuys does their lifts?

Does anyone Know exactly how to do this. Coil spacers and modified body lift? Does anyone know exactly what Good Guys Auto Sales uses for their lifts and where to get it, or have pics of the setup on a Good Guys lift.
Or pics or links to pic of any lifted 3rd gens.
Please don't post "there are no lifts made for 3rd gens." or useless posts



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From the looks of that pic its some kind of body lift. You can see the frame below the doors.

Looking at the pic above, your right, its probably a body lift + coil spacers (and some other minor doodads) -- but thats probably all there is to it.

It shouldnt be too difficult to create something like whats in that picture. You can probably use the same body-lift pucks thats in the PA-883 or whatever product. Coil spring spacers are coil spring spacers and if you cand find them for the diameter of the spring needed and the height you want, you can probably make a set or have a set made either from steel or aluminum (maybe even put Delrin in the spring interface to quiet the coil down if it ever rotates?)

But in all honesty, that frame rail looks miiighty low! Better plate it with more steeel :hammer: ;)

Oh and of course the bumper needs to be moved up too, but that shouldn't be too hard to make some brackets.

BTW I deleted your other post (and moved Lt.Jim's response to this thread) -- please please do not double post about the same topic. Thanks!

The persons buying those Exs are visiting this site...

I'm not paranoid, it's just that the owners of these vehicles know that people here would like to know what is going on with those raised Exs. If you own one of those vehicles, you know about this site. So what's the big secret? Why not share? Do they sign a secrecy addendum at purchase? And the people that do the lifts know about this site (because they know what 3rd gen owners want but can't get)... A local Ford dealership here uses a third party to do their modifications, and everyone knows who they are and how to contact them.

If this company is selling lifted 3rd gens, then they should have no problem discussing how they can do these lifts safely... if there is no patent on their system, then lets discuss. It won't be a secret for long :salute:

I'm doing recon today... so if the site is okay, I'll post all the goods on these "lifts" and maybe test drive one... :D

We need someone on this board to go to the dealership and act serious acting like they want to buy one and check it out. If i were closer i would do it..

OOps didn't read all of the last post before posting. Check it out, see what they are doing

it looks like a Bl to me.

That dealership does NOT have a good reputation. they have a ridiculous habit of selling poor quality lift crap and tacking on huge prices. i would be willing to bet that that explorer sold for 25-30 grand. i saw a friends truck, that he traded in to another dealership with a sweet fox setup, 2.5 resi's and bumpstops all around, end up there for 25 grand(97 F-150 in 2000) With all the fox stuff removed and replaced with some crap off brand chrome shocks, that were extended to their max just sittting on the ground! those guys are crooks, and i would not trust them....

Damn Exploder your still alive been so quiet lately i thought the ex off ya :D

but i was wondering about this place since i was looking last night and they have stripper model Explorers with b/l and welded on shock towers with resi's going for 10,9 :eek
i thought it was a bit much

Retracted... thanks!

I live about 90 miles away from Good Guys and when I have some free time I will drive down there and test drive one and takes some pics. (I rarely have any free time do to work schedule). They are located at 6240 Mission Gorge Road San Diego, CA 92120 and it would be helpful if anyone close to there could go and check them out and post the info.

Thanks for all the posts so far.

Ya i was going to say that someone close by to the dealer should go check these vehicles out in person and take some pictures of the lift up close and report back to the site, if i ever get a chance to drive down there myself i will gladly do this.

Possible contract with...

I was told this morning that this is the facility that provides the lift services for GG, but GG didn't confirm. I don't dare ask tech questions because I wouldn't know what to say... I'm sure 4wp wouldn't mind sharing their info with this board if someone with tech knowledge asked the right questions. 4wp mentioned a 5.5" Superlift kit for $1,195.00 and said it was all suspension.

It's possible, i've had experience with 4WP not doing a job properly:thumbdwn:

the pic from the original post with the adjustable coil spacers is crap... i called the guys and they said it wouldnt work in a strut even though EVERY 02-05 3rd gen has struts at all 4 corners...

and to those on here who think a body lift is simple, it may be on pickups and other SUVs but u obviously have not entered the world that is the 3rd generation ford explorer... the bumper mounts are completely different and the fact that the rear bumper wraps around the hitch mount would make it tricky... yes its been done and yes getting pucks would be easy but thats always the easy part... the most frustrating part would be dealing with the steering column, electrical wiring, and the bumpers... its not as simple as it looks and if anyone has checked on the 4 million other posts pertaining to this subject, if u want to put it in ur own hands go ahead, but i stress, GOOD LUCK

if u keep looking at that site though, they did some sort of body lift but it somehow didnt throw off the rear hitch or front bumper really... if u look at other photos of the modified suspension in the front, u can see rediculous control arm bending... i can guarantee that ball joint wont last very long and that this lift is just a hoax to get someone to buy the thing... they may have u sign a release agreeing to not hold them accountable or something... regardless of all odds, it looks good... the question it poses is simply, is it really worth sacrificing safety and money?

Agreed, however...

What's beginning to set in is desperation. Third gen owners are looking for anything now, any lift that "appears" functional gets attention. I wouldn't put my family in that vehicle or any (massively) lifted 3rd at this time because as you know the lift does not exist - it's just an illusion (otherwise the people that assemble that "lift" would be here to discuss it - they read these posts).

And based on what you say about the steering, sounds like something that could just snap while you are driving. I would bet that 90%+ of the people that bought one of those bought it based on looks alone (and in So Cal, that's how things are done). Your knowledge of this subject is outstanding! :salute:

If you go to the Good Guys web site and look up that X in picture 13 you'll see a shot of the dash........... It's not even a 4wd. That would make lifting it a little easier. I'm going to call them and see what they do to lift them.............. OK I just talked to them and the guy said FOX shocks and a Fab-Tech suspension lift. He said it is NOT a body lift.


I call BS too, i say its a photoChop :D

I believe when you walk into the dealer and pay for the vehicle, you'll get a license to PhotoShop :D . And hopefully a good tutorial.

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The body is lifted. I have pics of my vehicle w/o the steps and there is not that much frame hanging down. I don't know about body lifts, but I would say that's about a 2" body lift, at least.