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Lift and tires on






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why the double post?

he's just really proud, it looks a lot better. get those bumpers straight and you'll be all good.

Ok, so I posted this in a few places... just wanted to show off. It's no SAS, but it's mine. No, seriously although the pics are the same I just thought people wanting to see the results for different reasons might not look in the same place.

You should try some washers on that front bumper bracket....might fix your sagging problem. Truck looks awesome!

Yeah, I bought some washers today, I read about this problem (and solution) a few days ago, I just have to get around to doing it. There's that pesky thing called work that keeps getting in my way ;) .

I know the feeling....I still have a little bit of tweaking for my front bumper....and the whole putting the brushguard back on. I have work and the ol lady doesn't like it when I spend more time with my car then her. lol

looks the same get some rims

Originally posted by brnbomr
looks the same get some rims

Sorry, no it doesn't. These tires are almost 3" taller, they do not look the same. But thanks for your insight.

what is this fix w/ the washers and the front bumper? maybe you could pm me the thread so we dont clog up this one.

I dont know why you crazy people do LIFTS... if anything, you want to be lower:confused:

BTW: looks good, fab up some brackets for that grille guard and stick it back on, then it would look great... then all you need is to ditch the pinstripe, paint everything green, do a body drop, suspension drop, TT, 20" dubs and you're good to go:D

some of us actually use are truck's as truck's..LOL


hey kid,ain't your's low on 18's too? i would STOP


Ah, look what's happening... I try to make a nice before/after for my lift and the lowering guys hijack my thread ;) . j/k guys. No I get it, I went the wrong way, I forgot which way was up :roll:

Anyway, for the bumper, you put washers behind the new bracket on the upper mounts to even it out. I read about it on some thread or another around here...