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Lift Blocks and Wheel Spacers


August 12, 2011
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Omaha, NE
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2003 Explorer XLS
Anybody have any extra/old lift blocks or wheel spacers lying around? I just bought an 03 XLS to mess around with, and I want to get it lifted with a wider stance ASAP...

I'm looking forward to joining the modified explorer community.:salute:

as cheap as the lift spacers are, youd be best just buying new ones from BTF-Fab. as far as wheel spacers, check ebay for the cheapest price, but make sure you get Hub-Centric spacers

stay away from cheap wheel spacers man, i had a buddy with a lifted grand cherokee, runnin 1" chinese wheel spacers. you shoulda seen that 35x12.5x15 tsl come flying off at 60 mph.

needless to say that was a pricey repair

get real wheel spacers, you get what you pay for