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Lift gate glass

Shary Weckwerth

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January 14, 2018
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LaBelle FL
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2005 Ford Explorer
Lift gate glass will not open. Latch clicks but does not unlatch to fix?

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The glass doesn't open. Just the whole gate.

My glass opens

Are you just unlocking it with the remote or have you tried to release it using the button on the rear hatch next to the handle to the whole hatch? I never knew the button was there until a month ago after having the truck 8 years! Lost my remote and could not open just the top glass until someone told me about the little rubber coated button to the right of the gate handle. It is not even in my owner's manual!

The mechanism for the latch has a cable that runs from the electric solenoid to the latch. The cable sometimes fails. To get to it you must remove the interior trim on the tailgate. If you search this forum you find other posts about this problem.

Lift gate glass will not open. Latch clicks but does not unlatch to fix?
Here is a picture of where my 2002 upper Glass (hatch) release is. Just to the right of the little rusty bolt. Never knew it was there!