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Lift gate is stuck

Shawn Thomas

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September 5, 2016
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1994 explorer sport
Hello. I'm new, just got a 130k 94 4wd 5spd sport. The lift gate will not open. Key and handle will turn to to the left easily but not to the right. Seems to not unlock. I got the panel off and can actuate glass and gate by pulling rods. Everything is still hooked up nothing looks broken. Cannot get key or handle to turn clockwise. Even removed lock actuator thinking it was bound up. But no help. Any ideas? I searched but didn't find....

I had a similar issue this weekend. turned out that the lock/unlock pin that moves up and down on the back gate broke, and when the doors were locked, the pin got hung up under the plastic guide piece. I'd try to check that out!


Everything is connected the lock unlock works just that handle will not turn to the right.