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June 6, 2010
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Staten island, New York
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'01 Ex Sport SOHC 4.0
Okay so for about a few months now my lift gate hatch has been broken, when I pulled on the latch it had no tension in it, so I went inside my truck and removed the plastic cover. NOTE: I did this by removing the two screws under the leather handle inside the trunk and carefully (still broke a few) removing the clips and out came the plastic cover. I then removed the shroud from back there and a little cover that was in the way of where I needed to go. I found the issue after 3 minutes of playing with the latch and searching behind the panel. Here was my issue:

As you can see, this small yellow plastic clip was forced open from handling the handle rough (thanks roommate :mad:) SO my fix involved clipping this bolt back into the clip, which wasnt snapped, just forced open. Heres a shot of the clip closed w/o the bolt.

I then threw a ziptie around it for some added support. I plan on trying to come up with a better fix eventually bc that clip is pretty beat up, anyone have the slightest idea where I could get a part like that? or maybe ill just have my pops machine a better one lol - hope this helps anyone who had the same problem. Good luck! :thumbsup: