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Lift kit from summit or suspension connection?


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February 13, 2011
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Tampa, FL
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98 5.0L 2wd Mounty
the summit kit looks like this

the suspension connection one looks like this

the suspension connection one is $194 shipped
the one from summit racing is $171 shipped

the suspension connection one shows washers, clamps and other things that the Summit one does not, but yet it also says "Sample image shown"

i would assume that they would both come with the required parts to do the lift
has anyone ever bought the one from summit?

the sale at Suspension Connection ends March 23rd, so i need to order before then


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I just had the Summit one delivered last week. It had everything in it!! Doing my BL at the end of this month:thumbsup:

i have a 98, so the SUM7888300 is the one i need, right?

Just ordered! should be here next week, then that weekend is when the work gets done!