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Lift Kit options for 2wd Explorer Sport Trac

I got just over 1.5" when I did the AAL on mine. I think that's the better option since it's better for the overall health of your springs.

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I got right around 2" with the shackle. The AAL will stiffen up the back just a little but like upther said is better for your spring life. SHackles will cause your springs to flatten out faster whereas the AAL actually boosts your payload a little.

Here's mine with a TT/Shackles for height judgement although the rear bumper is off and I was about to install my 3" BL the next day.


Okay well are there different brands in the aal that are better or worse cause I like to have the best of stuff even if that means I have to wait. And does anybody have a product # or can send me a link to what I need. And with the 3in. Body lift and aal and torsion bars cranked to 2in. Will 33's look to small on it cause I have read where some people have ram 35's with this set up so I don't want to make the 33's look to small

You can run 35s with that but 33s are the norm for that setup I would say. Just look at any pictures of MidnightRebel's black Trac.

Alright so what all parts do I need to be looking for to do the add a leaf? Any good brands to go with or brands to stat away from

That's the one most guys go with