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Lift question?


March 2, 2007
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morganton, nc
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92 xlt
Hello all I just installed a 4" Rough Country and a 3" body lift, my question is i have an old 2" spacer lift for front and 2" shackle lift for rear. Would it be possible to add the 2" to my existing lift. Thanks for any help guys.

It's possible, but not suggested.

It's a better idea to go with a 5.5" lift in the front and flip the leaf springs to ride over the axle in the rear for that much suspension lift.

If you need to clear larger tires with your current setup or you're having tire rub issues, I'd suggest trimming the front fenders instead.

Chances are if you add the spacers to your front lift, you're not gonna be able to align it aftewards. You'd need drop brackets for a 6" lift. The rear would probably work. Why do you need the extra lift? What size tires are you trying to fit?