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lifted 2007 explorer


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May 18, 2009
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2007 Ironman 6" Lift
I have a lifted 2007 Iron Man ford explorer. i have a 3 inch body lift and installing roadbully strut spacers this weekend for around a 6" total lift. soon to have 18" wheels and 33's. Just wondering if anyone else had attempted this so we could help each other out. The body lift was a huge pain.

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u got pics of it

not at the moment im gonna take some once i get the strut spacers on and ill post some. then ill post more when i get the wheels. it actually looks weird now i mean it has factory 18" ironman wheels but with the small tires its odd looking cant wait to get the 33's

I cant wait to see this. lifted late model Explorers look awesome.

Sounds great. I love the Ironmans. Can't wait for pics.

let me know what u all think










i know it looks weird with small tires but 33x12.50's are soon to come.

LOL.... holy crap. I thought it was photo shoped for a sec. A bit much for me but it will look alot better with tires! Cant wait to see!!!!!!!

Wow nice truck. The only thing I see needed is some gap guards to cover the exposed engine bay from mud and water.

Good God! That is big! I want those wheels. :D

The lift looks awesome. It does look a little bit odd with the rather normally sized tires, but once you put 33"s on it'll be the coolest 06+ Explorer I've ever seen, even I'm not big on red vehicles.
BTW - willied, those are the wheels from the chrome package (at least they look like it). I'd give you my wheels (which are those same ones, but with silver center caps, not gray ones) if I get some nice offroad wheels. I'm moving to Georgia this fall so I'll keep you in mind if you'll still will be wanting those wheels in about a year or so. I'm sure mine have some scuffs on them, but they look nice if you polish them up (which I don't do often).

Yea it's actually bright orange and those are the aluminum 18" iron man wheels but I will be selling them to go with a wheel with Less backspacing so if anyone is interested shoot me an offer. I replaced one of em already and it cost me 600 from ford for one. That's def the downside to having 18" ford wheels.

Thing I dislike most about having 18"s is how even normal replacement tires are ridiculously expensive.
Anyway - did you have any wheels in mind?

I like those^

sweet! some larger tires will look sick! very clean too

will be sick with 33's !

do the iron man X's come with V6's or V8's ???

I think Ironman could have either V6 or V8.

Those American Eagles look good, but they don't list our bolt pattern. One of the biggest "+" for me is that most "Eagle Alloys" are "MADE IN USA". Check the technical specs on their website, and look for the American flag. That's very tough to find these days. Centerline and Weld are a few others.

Yea I'm goin to be using 5x4.5 to 5x5 wheel adapters. And yea you can get v8 or v6. Mine is the 4.0. I worked for ford and got mine as soon as they were releaed before the v8 was offered. But I'm glad because there's not that much power difference and I prefer the tranny on the 4.0.

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Those wheels look pretty good, a bit flashy for me, but I like cop wheels so what do I know. Anyway, try to make sure you get hub and wheel centric adapters, especially if this is more than a show truck (ie. you plan on using it to offroad).
These people custom make adapters and you can make the adapters have different thickness so they can be adapters and spacers all in one -