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lifted 2007 explorer

Now please lose that exhaust pipe. Get an axle dump like mine that would look so good. Only you be able to see yours truck is to low to the ground

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yea im gonna get the exhaust done asap. we went to brimstone recreation in tn this past weekend and it was a blast. ole explorer did ok on the trails lol.

oh and i also ordered the weather tech molded floor liners today. ill put pics up when they get here.

^any weird squeaking during or after off roading? When ever i take mine off road things start squeaking and makes me think wow what a piece of ****. It does do awesome though I have to say

Only squeaking I have after the lift are the sway bar links. And only when I go over a speed bump.

excuse my language just gotta say that thing looks gangsta

Took my Explorer moose hunting up here in Healy, AK. It rained all week. Drove through ALOT of mud, puddles, bumps, and creeks. Had three problems come up. Check engine light came on probably due to mud or crap on the ABS sensor. Then TPMS came on for no reason, check air pressure and it was normal. Then tach gets stuck at the 0 RPM's when I start it up and clicks rapidly for a few seconds and goes normal. No misc. noises though.

stepj19, I've got the complete set of Weathertech's and love them. Had the CatchAll mats previously but didn't hold up after a year.

^well thats good....besides all the warning lights

I would just like to say that your Explorer looks awesome. Good Job!!! :thumbsup:
























where did you get the rims and what is the offset of them and the truck look awsome

That Thing IS SiCk..

stepj19, your X looks awesome! I love the look of the stock ironman wheels, but the custom wheels you got look amazing!

Thanks guys lol. And I got the rims at they normally run free shipping too!!!! Any of the fuel brand wheels can be drilled to our bolt pattern because they normally stock blanks. 4.5 backspacing. And our ex's are lug centric so u don't have to worry about finding hub centric wheels.

I have a crazy question. . . Could you double these truxxx lifts up? They fit together perfectly. Just have someone weld the chizz out of them to make sure they are one piece. What else would need to be changes with such a lift. Steering issues driveline issues? Or if this would even be possible or safe??

Also, Would a 1-2" body lift with the regular truxxx lift be ok? Would it mess with anything like steering or anything else?I just want to be able to fit 33's with very very little to no trimming. I will be taking this vehicle offroad so i dont want want any tire rubbing and just as much lift as possible. If anyone has any knowledge please help me out!! Thank you all in advance

I would say that would work fine. However don't Go more than 2.5 inches on the spacers. And you will need a 3 inch body lift. I have 2.5 spacers and 3 body and any less my 33's wouldn't fit.

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with the bodyb lift does anything else need to be changed? steering colum bracket or drivetrain or anyting? I just dont want to get the lift kit and put it in and realize im screwed and out of my dd for a week. Any advice will be much appreciated.