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lifted 2007 explorer

any updates on this rig?

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What are all the specs of your lift? What parts did you use? Also what did you do about the transfer case and engine? Any mods or upgrades? I have been considering doing the same thing however I cannot find anyone with any info or parts for the 2007 4.6. Wanna go supercharged with ranch hand style front and rear bumpers but no one makes those either.

It's the 3" road bully spacers with 3" body idk about transfer case or anything else

Did going this high on your lift mess with your roadability at all?

looks great

Yea. Use the ranger body lift. But u only need part of it and it does take modification and some mechanical ability.

So, after reading all 8 pages a few questions still havent really been asked or answered. Like what did you have to do with the radiator? Looks like it went up with the body? Any new brackets there? Did the angle of the driveshaft change with the 3" BodyLift? What all did you have to do to re-mount the front and rear bumper panels? Did you need to pull up tbe carpet for the body brackets?

Also hope the kids doin ok and the fam is well. Lookin fwd to hearin from ya,

What kind of fender flares are those and do you know where I could get some.

What kind of fender flares are those and do you know where I could get some.

this i the iron man edition so those fenders come stock with this model