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Lifted Camber Question


January 8, 2012
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1994 Explorer
Thank you in advance!!!

I am about to buy new tires, going with 33's this time instead of 35's. I noticed I have negative camber (pic doesn't show it well but you can see).

I have a 4" suspension and 3" body lift. How does lifting affect camber? If I got taller springs would that cause positive or negative camber?

I ask because I have 2" metal spacers and if I found taller springs to get another inch or so and ditch the spacers would this be worse on the camber?

Thanks!!! Scott


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If you lifted it another inch or so, your tires may sit correctly. When you lift the truck the tires lean out, it looks like yours lean in.

Optionally you can get some camber shims. Napa has them in many different degrees. About $20 each except for the 4* which are $45.

Thank you kindly x2 Naasau! I will study the page well.

That article links to a bunch of different articles written by 4x4Junkie on the TTB; who's forgotten more about our X's than we will ever know.

For instance, if you ever go for a bigger lift, this has some awesome info about lift/steering compatibility:

Thanks again! I will read that too. My steering works good and drives straight, my only complaint is when I get in the ruts a big rig left in the street and I think that is from my worn out boggers? I took it down to the creek and over some twisty terrain and was not pleased with the flex...but it never thought about getting stuck.

I thought about doing the axle flip out back and the bigger springs up front and keeping the 35's but really want to enjoy it for now. I think the way it sits now 33's would be a better fit?


Honestly, I would say that it depends on what you are planning on using it for; i.e., mudding, rock crawling, dune hopping, high speed/low speed highway off road.... there are a bunch of people who believe that the only good travel is down-travel, and right now I think that your rig looks awesome! So, I guess it depends on you.

I would just like to say that I frigg'in love my Destinations. I went with the a/t since it sees more street than dirt, but I'm working on a second wheel set with m/ts.