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Lifted Ranger going bigger and full width.

This is my prjoect going on in bewteen my other 2 projects, but is almost completed.


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Went from narrow dana 44 and 9in, to full witdh and lot more lift, not completed yet, checking flex, new tires just recieved yesturday, mounted on some stock wheels, and plans are to get it ready for some mud racing!

...Looks great...:D

...Do you have any pics of the build in progress???...I am always looking at how people set theirs up...:scratch:...What did you do with the shortened Dana 44???

It was from early Bronco so was low pinion, but does have wild horse disc brake conversion, I am selling it on thursday hopefully, my personal opinion if going with narrows i like using fullwitdh with HP and narrowing them, thats what my other truck has, pinion has way more clearance and less angle for wear/tear. Im short on time so no other pics for now.

Put it down in the mud the other day did awesome! but forgot to get pic

sweet truck man. I'm loving it:thumbsup:

Well we weighed the truck this weekwas right around 3850, since starting to really only focus on mud racing this truck, removing sliders,bumpers, tailgate, so, hopefully be down to around 3700.
Update, new carb and trucks dialed in it rips all the way thru all gears, 2 weeks will be getting entered in some mud races will try and get some video footage.

really nice looking classic Ranger you got here. Got a question regarding how you mounted the coils, looking at this photo they almost look like the are at an angle going out at the bottom. Did you move the c-wedges in on the new axle?


Almost too pretty to be a mud truck, that stuff leaves the truck a little to bedraggled for me :D

you want to shave a ton of weight, go fiberglass, my hood weighs like 1/3 of a stock hood. Imagine loosing the whole bed for a couple glass bedsides!

Yes, actually I have looked at getting a complete fiberglass body, but for now I will leave truck pretty much like it is, before i spend money on body I will do an even more radical motor either a 351 Cleveland Build to stay in small Block class, or some radical big block 460 based engine.
-This truck is to tall to be street legal in MO, and to nice to take out on our type of trails that tear up the body, and mud running wont hurt it at all, gets washed after each time. Also I have enough vehicles don't need to insure another for the road.
-No the wedges arent moved in, this 78-79 axle so you cant do that, coil bucket towers are spaced out about 2inches, they lean in a little but not bad.

Well we stripped some weight so doesnt look quite the same, her debut is friday night.



we will get footage my wife will tape me and Ill tape her, were not running passengers to save weight. But i have never upload video footage? so will have to learn I guess.

Today at Belle, MO fairgrounds, not sure if this vid works but lets see?

hell yeah........... get on it ! NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE