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Lifted Sport Tracs Picture Thread!

They do look beefy

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Some more goodies for my SAS. took a drive down to Uniontown, Pa. to pick up these...






37x12.5x16.5 H1 Hummer tires (6) with eight bolt H1 Hummer Double beadlocks with inserts that have been recentered with Trail Worthy Fab 6x5.5 centers (4). Two are 1/4 tread and four are 3/4 tread.

Got all these for $800 from a guy on CL.

I'll eventually get rock rings and weld them on.

I can add to the lifted trac thread now. Tires should be in this week. I have the wheels. Black Rhino Sidwinder 17X9, Mickey Thompson MTZ's 33X12.50X17 should be on the way.



Sup guys been a little bit since I last posted but finally got some nice weather and got around to installing my AAL's. Difference was night and day, got 2 solid inches of lift (36 to 38 at the top of the fender) on the back end. The rake makes it feel much more like a real truck lol. Also makes the back end feel solid. Here are some pics.








Just makes me freakin happy. Next step is a hitch and bull bar. :) She is comin along nicely one day it will be where I want it lol.

Yep Bull bars look nice here's mine cost me 125.00 to my door.


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Where did you get that for 125?! I have looked everywhere can only find them for around 180 maybe 200.

Its a Hunter Truck Gear bull bar. Mine was the same price. They're on eBay or their site for a little cheaper

just decided to do my plugs and wires today. wasnt as bad as people said it is. it started raining, took a little break when the rain let up i finished her up! look how bad the pollen is!!


So this isnt the right board for this question but I have searched high and low and you fellers are the most knowledgable pack of addicts I know. So here is my question: I noticed the other day that I was getting a squeaking from somewhere in the bed. Long story short I'm missing one of the rubber stops that keeps the tailgate from rubbing against the bed hence the squeak. Anyone have any idea where I can get a replacement? Its driving me crazy.

You could just use any chunk of rubber and use the same screw I'd think. I have a feeling that's a Ford only part.

Hey Big Green can you take pics of how you fabbed up/mounted your bullbar? Curious how well its mounted with the BL. Dont expect it to keep up with Midnights bumper but hey lol.

I can't only because I would have to take it apart. But all I did was take the mounts and flip them over and put on the opposite sides they were supposed to be on. When you do that you will see where you have to grind a metal slot in it to be able to be flush.

Gotcha thanks.




So here is the my addition tho not lifted any farther (yet)

First off someone ####in swiped my front end yesterday :( Good news, only left a bit of paint and that came off with a magic eraser lol.


Bull bar is on. Took my a long ass time to put it on by myself (like an hour). The brackets that come with the kit suck. Just my two cents but if you design the brackets for the sport trac why bother have the holes open to adjust to the frame? I wanna see some closed holes for mounting lol. Oh well will end up with my own brackets anyway once its lifted. Now if only I could talk someone skilled to fab me some up.... (Looks at OffTrac and Midnight)



let me know what you guys think!

Oh and Newfy that is awesome. Lookin slick dude. Love the wheels

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Newfy that looks great. IMO some black cladding would put that in the group of one of the cleanest tracs here.