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Lifted Sport Tracs Picture Thread!

My updated sport Trac as of now








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Ahhh, they grow up so fast. Lol.

Looks good man!!!

Yo guys. Question on gearing today, though its been hashed out a million times I just want to know if these will work. I'm going to 4.56 gears before I switch to a bigger tire from my 265/75/16s. Is this what I need?

Thanks in advance. After doing further research I think I drive this a bit too much on the interstate for 35s and 4.88s unfortunately.

Plus the front gears.

You don't really need the gasket and bearing kit. Not a bad idea though. Really don't need the new cover bolts unless you break your old ones. I got new bearings for the rear only because they needed it. The front was fine. And 4.56 with 33s is a great combo. It's what I run.

Thanks 2Timing. Appreciate the input.

Tracker I'm always amazed at how good the Trac's look when the front bumper is cut down some. No exception on yours, looks awesome.

Thanks dauntless I'm hopefully saving to get a steel bumper

Lookin good tracker

We finally had good weather the other day so I got outside and started tearing down my '89 F-250 drivetrain swap donor. Just for laughs I put the 37's up beside it to see how it would look with them mounted. I like it but it would be way too wide for trails around here.



Well that's not happening so I jacked up the frontend of my ST to get an idea of how high it'll sit and how far forward the Dana 44 will need to be placed. Hopefully this week I'll get a chance to raise the rear of the truck and bolt the 37's on with the adapters to see exactly how far out they'll stick. I had to go buy new lugnuts to bolt the adapters on.






I can't wait to get back to work so I can start funding my "Mistress" again.

I mounted the rear 37's after jacking the truck up to the ride height it'll be at after the SOA.







Oh my god Rebel - that is going to look amazing when you're finished..

summer is right around the corner - can't wait to get back on the trails!


i cant wait to get back out into the mountains, probably going to do a day trip scouting new spots in a few weeks. this might have been driest winter ive seen here in northenr cali, so it shouldnt be too hard getting up into the thick of it in a few weeks.

Make sure you guys have plenty of supplies and fire extinguisher with ya, I'm thinking this year is going to be even worse with wildfires. With the dry weather it's always good to take a chainsaw with you incase of downed trees because of the dry season.

I always bring two fire extinguishers and always follow the fire conditions. Some hunters who were stoking a camp fire when and where they shouldn't have been started the largest wildfire ever seen in California last summer.

Got some downer new and some good news I guess....the bad news is that my tranny went on my way to virginia pulling a trailer but wasn't far from my house so I limped back and the good news is that I'm getting a new heavy duty trans built with some billet parts for strength... I will keep this truck forever ...the Trac will live on

Here is my 02 on 35's. I just did the body lift, torsion crank with longer rancho front shocks, and extended rear shackles.

Just mounted up the 35" MTR's today


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I really like that. Nice job!