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Lifter Ticking


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January 19, 2011
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2006 Eddie Bauer
Has anyone heard what sounds like a lifter ticking when starting their Explorer after sitting for a period of time? Yours ticks until you you increase the RPMs then it goes away and doesn't come back until after the vehicle has sat for a period of time.

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I heard the same thing. The service guy at the dealer claims its just the fuel injectors firing.

I think this is due to the water thin 5W20 oil we are required to use.

Probably fuel injectors. Flex's do it and I think it is the same engine.

lifters are hydraulic so, they have spring pressure and oil pressure, when cold soaked they can discharge, and when initially started you hear a lifter noise. since its only spring pressure.

I have this same noise and had it confirmed it's the cam phasers prevelant on all 3.5 and 3.7 engines. I'm told it's harmless, however it is annoying.

ford has bulletin for normal characteristic of engines