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Lifting for a non-offroader?


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May 11, 2006
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'93 XLT
Hello all, I have a 1993 Explorer XLT that is stock at the moment. I do some very light off-roading such as small dirt trails and whatnot, nothing more serious than that. Otherwise I use my truck to get where I have to day-to-day. I love the feeling of being up high in a vehicle so i am looking to get some extra height on my truck. I was hoping some people here could give me some help/advice. From looking at various picture's, I think I'd like to raise my trucks suspension by 4-5inches. I've looked at kits from Superlift, Tuff/Rough Country, and Trail Master but am not sure if one would be more suitable for me than another. Since I dont do much offroading, do you think I would be wasting my money in buying one of those kits? is there an alternate route I can go to get the height I desire?

Body lifts run about $100 and will give you 2-3" of lift. Coil spacers up front and longer shackle or add aleaf in the rear will get you another inch or two. Then you buy bigger tires. Next your milage and power are sucking casue you have the wrong gear ratio. So drop another $500-1200 for new gears. Kind of spendy just get the look.