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lifting rear end


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March 14, 2005
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2001 XLT
so my rear end on my 2001 explorer is sagging significantly.
I have noticed that many others are too, however I do have a really heavy subwoofer in the trunk all the time, and I also tow a 5*8 open trailer with a motorcycle. I would like the rear to be at least level while towing
what is my best course of action?
I mostly care that it will be drivable on the highway, but also look good. I like the raked look with higher rear ends than front ends.
I would also like to keep the cost down and hopefully install it myself, but if it isnt too expensive im okay with having a shop do it.
lift shackles?
those add-a leaf helper springs?
new springs?
new shocks?

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well you can do aal or blocks i sport is leaf under axle but i think the 4 doors are over the axle.

both sports and 4 doors are spring under axle.

Add-a-leaf will give you about a 2" lift
Shackles will also give you about 1.5-2" lift

If you sag bad when you are towing then a set of air-ride bags might be a good call. My superduty can go up or down by 3" with the bags inflated or deflated.

are the add a leafs adjustable?
is it bad to do shackles and add a leafs?
instead of doing both would it be cost effective to put shackles and a different leaf?

The aal are not adjustable, I got my aal for $30 with free shipping and the shackles were $70 with shipping they deffinetly helped my back end is not sagged anymore and to level the front I just cranked the torsion bars about an inch.