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Lifting Rear End


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August 12, 2010
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Franconia/Telford, PA
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2000 Explorer Eddie
So I wanna lift the rear end on my '00 Eddie. I was going to go with Warrior 2" shackles but after reading, on here, that it can worsen/add to the sagging leafs I don't think I'm going to do them at this moment. I want to change my leafs out for two reasons 1) They are ten years old and sag a bit. 2) I still can get a 2" lift with newer leafs.
My question is what set of leafs should I use? I wanna stay on the less is more attitude with my money. So if there is somewhere online that's not to much, where? Or if I can pick a set up from a scrap/junk yard what vehicle should I grab them from?


So here is what Turdle told me.

"I just successfully got 2 inches of reliable good lift, including getting the rear leveled, front to rear and side to side. Here is the el cheapo way

Go To and get their phone number

order these

2--7/16 x 4" spring center bolts bolts
2 speed clips for 2 1/2" wide springs
8 round pads with 1/2" plug

general spring is in kansas city, so, all that stuff will cost about 30 bux

You may not use all the pads, but they are cheap

ok, now, get you a f150 2wd rear leaf set. Should be able to get them on craigslist for 50 bux, or try the junk yard. They need to be 2 1/2" wide, and you want the leaf pack with 3 total leafs. the bottom one i will call a plate-it's 1/2" thick

take em apart

use the 2nd leaf from the f150 pack and put it in with the 4 explorer leafs on your truck. be sure to put the "front" of the leaf facing front as it was in the pack--

you "Might" want the f150 bottom spring also for another 1/2" and more support. Keep in mind you will cut the 4" bolt to length once it is together, so if you want to try the plate later you will need new bolts again-- "

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much blakshukvw! Very help full.