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Light covers?

I live in florida..Do i have to have covers on my roof lights? I just bought some cheap round 100watters and mounted them on my roof above the windshield and they didnt come with covers. Do i really need them? Will I get a ticket? Im not sure if its illegal or not NOT to have them...

Your whole car could be lights, but as long as you don't use them, you can't get a ticket. I'm pretty sure of that. Call your local police station to find out Florida law. I would put covers on them anyway to protect your investment. Bugs and rocks are going to hit them.

untrue.....several states require lightcovers on lights above a certain level. The best way is to check with the local station. Make them do some work for a change.

Are you sure? I have found nothing on Washington law websites about light covers. I probably didn't look hard enough. Check with your local station to be sure.