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light wiring

I have 2 lights that plug into the cig lighter plug. I want to hook it up to the battery and not use the lighter plug. I have everything installed except when i got to the light it has 2 wires coming out of each light (solid black and a black and white wire) this kinda confused me because the switch i put in only has 3 prongs (batter, ground, and source). I am not skilled in wiring and if anyone could help me on this because i think its something pretty simple that just stumped me.

Here is what i thougt of doing:
1. ignore a wire
2. put the 4 wires connected to my source prong on the switch
3. one of your suggestions

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just run it to the fuse block on the dash, and run it with the accsessory lights (might want to put a fuse between it and fuse block for saftey;) )

I already have the setup for the lights to goto the battery installed just the lights aren't connected yet, and i didn't want to run a whole new setup.

Do you want the lights to be ignition controlled (so you can't leave them on)?

If not, just source the same power wire that runs to the relay to the switch, and then ground everything. If you want it to be ignition controlled, you must use a source to the switch that is controlled.

If you're totally confused,

i dont have a relay in my setup mine looks like this

But i have 2 wires coming out of my lights and i dont know what to do with them both

Then use a relay.

The only lights I didn't use a relay for were 25W each, but I still should have.

ok thanks and which wire would goto what?

look at the wiring diagram on that page I linked to.

Does the switch itself light up?

If it has 3 prongs it most likely does.

That's what I was thinkin.
So you should go with
constant + into the switch
ground - into the switch
positive + out of the switch to the lights
ground - the lights to wherever

don't ya think??????

yeah the switch does light up. looking at the diagram for 2 lights without a relay on the link above all they did was splice the souce wire and put it to the lights which would take up one wire and than they grounded the other wire (takes care of my 2 wires coming from the lights). Also these are for interior lights so they aren't that powerful and dont really need a relay, the switch and fuse can take a lot of the current. correct me if im wrong.

Most lit switches won't handle more than a few amp reliably before they blow. This is why even if the lights use a 15A fuse the switch usually uses a 2 or 3A fuse.

Trust me, I've had switches pop and smoke before. Do it the right way and you won't have any problems.

ok, on my tacoma i had about 6 lights, and now on my Explorer i have 4 interior lights... All you have to do is..
run 1 wire from your battery to your switch.(make sure you put an inline fuse on this wire) then have the black/white wires from the lights hooked up to one bigger wire then run it to another prong. take the black wires and ground them out to the chassis. then they will work! If you need help PM me.. more than willing to help
... you dont need a relay or any of that crap. itll light up just fine how i just said

hey GooseR or anyone how many amps should the inline fuse be? I dont know how many watts the lights are but there 2 9inch neons

I put in a 15amp fuse... small, but worth it if you dont want your lights to blow out

well i put in a 15 amp fuse and used the setup without a relay and the lights are working and looking good i should take some pics and show you what all you have helped me to do but right now i have the lights under my seats because i didn't feel like putting them under the dash yet and i think i may put 2 under the seat and 2 (now that i know how to wire the things) under the dash and make a full color effect.

Good job man.. i know itll look sweet, ill take pictures of mine too.
:cool: :cool: :D