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Lighted Cupholders.


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December 17, 2008
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Baltimore, MD
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98 Sport
Hey guys i want to Light my Cupholders up in my 98 Explorer with some LEDs and i was wondering if anyone had done this and had any suggestions. I could really use some ideas here because i am racking my brain thinking about this.

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I put some in my old 150 and now my new 250. Pepboys ricers section has some small LED's. That is what I used.




I got a place to get LEDs from but the way my console is set up my cupholders arent the easiest to hide LEDs in. i am trying to conceal the LEDs themselves and show just the glow. a buddy of mine did this in his honda element but his cupholders have the rubber tabs in them.

You could always put the LED's near the top of the holder and have them recessed or something like that.....

hmmm i will consider both ideas. i think i may have thought of something. i know of two spots i could put LEDs and cast a glow over the entirety of my cupholder/ashtray space without the bulbs being seen. thanks for the ideas :) i may be trying this in a couple weeks. i just ordered new gauge lights today so i done spent my weekly budget of 12 dollars lol.

Post some picks when you do it so we all can see how it looks.

It will take me a while to get the stuff to do it n weather to do it in. As soon as i do it i wil take pics tho. I found some Chrome LED holders for like 80 cents. i can get all the supplies to do it for like 8 bucks i think. I might buy some replacement panels to put in my truck in case things go wrong or in case i want to try painting them.