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lightening at startup


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April 5, 2008
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2008 XLT
recently, the starter takes a bit longer to start my 08 Explorer. once it is started, the headlamps blinks/flashes and sometimes, airbag light goes ON!

any hints on that?

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Should be under Warranty, I would take it to the shop.

Battery is going or you have a parasitic draw dropping the battery voltage. The airbag light is a dead give away. Low voltage on start up causes the light to stay on.

Battery is going south, my 06EB did the same thing when the battery was dying.

Help quick guys and or gals,

I have replaced my battery due to the hard/slow starts as described by the OP, but once i put the battery in, the damn starter wont even hit a lick. I have checked all relays and fuses within my power, and beat on the starter no avail. why would it hard start for so long, and then with a new battery give out?

did it ever start with the new battery? Most new batteries are shipped with minimal charge and may not have had enough to start the truck. All the symptoms you described point to a low voltage situation, mine did the same thing. You may need to start checking for a parasitic draw...

Well it turns out the battery was bad, but in turn the starter went to crap as well. I had to change it in the parking lot of the parts store which sucked, but i got it done.

Weird thing is, the old starter worked fine when it was put on the test bench???

But at the same time there was evidence of it burning up from the inside, so i bought a new one anyways.