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Lightforce 170 as head lights?


To get through next years Modified Truck inspection I need high beams.
I passed this year which was just last month inspection but had both high and low beams.
I explained the Inspector that I wanted to move my Hella 1000s up to where the stock rectangular lights were. At first he did not like the idea of those bright lights being in everyones eyes. But I explained that I'll have them turned down. Then I said that I would add another pair of low pair and one high and he said alright.
In the above pic I have already moved the Hellas up for my headlights.
Love Um. The highly polished magnesium reflector really puts the available light to the ground.

Here's my question, I'm thinking of using the Lightforce 170s as my low beams as long as they have a definite cut off line. And then turn my Hellas pointing up more for High beams.
I read on he below link that they come with filters. Does that mean they can be adjusted so they won't blind on coming traffic if pointed low to act as low beams?

I bet the high beams would be awsome when both Hellas and 170s were on.
I guess I could reverse the two as which were High and which were Low?

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Google "fet catz land master" or just fet catz. Catz are the best fog lights that I have ever used. Quality is PIAA or better. They have a hi/low beam H4 lamp(Land Master) that I have never seen in action. But if its as good as their other lights its a winner. I have used and recomend the LM fog/driving...MSX & MSR.

The Striker 170's have been discussed recently. I want them bad, and a member here still has them but needs to install them. I've seen pics of them in action, and to be honest, they are way too bright for a low beam. If this is just to pass inspection and then for off road purposes only, then I think you are fine. If you actually plan on using them on the road and will be passing other vehicles, you will be blinding people to no end. They put out over 1 million candle power, if I recall, and that just asks for an accident.

Don't get me wrong, as your off road truck looks sweet, and I'll be the first to ask for pics of the 170's in action, but I think it's over kill as a low beam light for daily use.

Just .02 for ya!!!!

Well thanks for the info guys, but going with the Strikeforce 170s. I just like the way they're made and especially reading reviews on the toughness.
Being that I live in drive where playing Bumper Pool with deer every fall is a way of life. Especially since I'm out and about every fall before dawn driving to my hunting spots in remote areas, these seem like a logical choice.
All my vehicles have had damage by Deer, including completing totaling one Chrysler. The 200 lb 10 point buck just jumped out without me ever having a chance to hit brakes while doing 70 MPH.
The brush guard you see in the pic that is tied into the cage is really a Deer guard to keep the yard rats from smashing into the Ford Motor sport aluminum radiator.

The above link really has a cool vid on just how tough they are.
Scroll down.
Read one review where this Aussie hit a Kangaroo at 100 MPH or K, forgot which one.
Had to remount the light and still kept working. That is just insane toughness.
And I am just a plain Klutz by nature...meaning I brake things. I'll most likely drop the lights 2 or 3 times before I figure out how to mount them LOL
Nerve damage to my hands don't help matters either. So being tough is of Prime consideration.

JHG, these are not the HID versions. But if they are too bright for lows, I'll use the Hellas as lows, that might just be the thing to do any way.
But I can tell you one thing, they will be on the same day or no later then the next after they arrive.

Keep the Hella's as your low beams. The 170 Striker (which you are interested in purchasing and the same model I own) is way too bright to be a low beam, as another member suggested.

You should check out the "Light Logic" torture tests that Lightforce gives their lamps, there's videos of them on YouTube. That alone is what sold me. I can't wait to mount mine.

That link you just provided pushed me over the edge for choice.
No later then Mon., maybe even sooner if one of my monthly checks arrives. it will be ordered.
The video showing the light being hit by number 7 shot at that range is incredible.
And the vid is correct in the velocity. I was a touring trapshooter for many years and understand exactly what is implied. Even though #7 or 7.5 shot is not that big, it packs a wallop when hit by so many. In an average 12ga shotgun there are over 300 pellets in that shot size.
And who's to say that one day while pheasant hunting I mistakingly take my Bronco for a pheasant ha ha.

Hey, I'm not kidding. Got to tell you how I pulled a Dick Cheney and shot a Volkswagen one day while hunting LOL. It's my thread anyway so here it goes..

Was out Quail hunting on a private farm in Montgomery Md. with my German Wirehaired pointer, when she went on staunch point. Now if you've never been behind a Bird dog on point then it's hard to explain the adrenalin rush.
You know as you start to walk forward with the gun ready that something is going to explode from the brush just feet from ya.
Well sure enough a covey of Quail exploded, and every nerve in your body concentrates on making a smooth swing to the bird and follow through.
You see nothing but the bird and the end of your gun.
Well, after I missed the bird that was flying low there was a cloud of dust as this Volkswagen slammed on her brakes. Hmm.
It is very rare for a car to use this dirt road, especially a beetle. Sure enough I hit the side of the car. We both stood there looking at each other.
I could have only imagined what she was thinking. I'm sure she did not see my bird dog in the brush or the Quail. All she saw is a crazed man in a field that just took a shot at her car. Needless to say she sped off. And needless to say I got the F&#k out of there. Told you I was a Klutz.

Dick Chenney, LOL. Anyways, I like your choice for the 170's, even though it may be very bright, they seem like such amazing lights. So, please post pics once installed. A lot of us are interested in them. Regarding the HID 170's, I can only imagine how bright those would be.

OK, I placed an order for only one Strikeforce 170 two days ago. I'll place an order for the other one later. But at least I'll be able to start fabricating a mount for them.
I did not order the wiring harness and hoping I can modify the ones that I got from LMC trucks that were for the original headlights but with the better wiring and relays.
If it's some kind of snap on gizmo that clips into the light I might be screwed and forced to order the kit unless I can take housing apart and re-wire that way.
I just want to at least be able to have it come on and test the brightness and light pattern.

Sure enough I hit the side of the car. We both stood there looking at each other.
I could have only imagined what she was thinking. I'm sure she did not see my bird dog in the brush or the Quail. All she saw is a crazed man in a field that just took a shot at her car. Needless to say she sped off. And needless to say I got the F&#k out of there. Told you I was a Klutz.

My side hurts from picturing this! :D


Look what showed up on the front porch :thumbsup:
When I opened the box and checked them out for the first time, the WOW factor went to 10.
So far I have two that are for driving and one that is clear.
And I plan to even get more, there just that good. And that was just a temporary wiring just to check them out. The 100 watt Xenphot bulb is just plain Wicked Bright.
Actually the diminsion of the light is the same whether it is spot or driving, it's the filter that changes the pattern and color. Plus the filter can rotate to allow for any angle that arises from mounting.

Going to post the install on my Bronco 2 build thread.
Thanks for the help guys.
And again many Thanks to
for helping in getting the right lights for this mod.
These are not going to be just eye candy lights, they will get a lot of use and plan to post pics as I go.

I am thoroughly jealous. I have to get my 170s mounted before the snow flies.

I was introduced to these lights about 3 years ago. Simply amazing and the optional filters with different colors provide endless options whatever the situation. The standard 170's are, I believe, 350,000 candles per light and have a range of about 3/4 of a mile. The Hid's not sure but blows the standard 170's out of the water.

Can someone tell me how I can post pics?

You will not be disappointed with these lights!

ok, lets try this:

lights installed with yellow spot filters


all fired up! i will try and get a pic of them from behind to show how bright they are.




They do look great.


Here are my Hella 1000 Low beams


and here are my high beam StrikeForce 170s. And if they were turned up more, the dirt road would even be more illuminated.
And I especially like the way they light up the sides of the road.
Can't wait untill I do the StrikeForce 170 roof lights.

Wide open straight country road with my Hid's only


Same road with the LightForce Striker 170's. A little tricky to see on the pic but there is a road sign 2 km down the road that is catching the light.


Twisty road Hid's only


Same location with only my Striker 170's on


In these pics I am running the yellow spot filter.

Using fog or driving lights in place of headlights is a bad idea.

Turning driving lights downward aims the bright part of the beam, but the light that bounces off the bottom part of the reflector still goes straight into the eyes of drivers in oncoming cars, especially when they're mounted up on a lifted truck. There is no way to "aim" a driving or fog lamp like a dedicated headlamp since the fluted lens or reflector design is what gives a headlamp the proper beam pattern.

It works out fantastic for the equipped vehicle since the output is better for visibility, but don't let the cutoff or beam pattern you can get fool you, they are not headlamps.
AFAIK, it's illegal to do this for any on-road use of a vehicle in all 50 states. You may be able to pass an inspection and get away with it, but that doesn't make it safe. I suppose with a lot of testing and tuning you might get it to work and have minimal glare, but just bear in mind the legalities behind it, which might only come into play in another county, city, or state.

If I had seen this thread earlier, I would have suggested some E-code headlamps. They have superior output, and actually less glare than DOT approved models. They are technically not legal either, but only because the non-DOT beam pattern doesn't throw light up and to the right as much to illuminate road signs. However, most headlamps in modern vehicles have changed to the SAE beam pattern anyway, and I've never heard of anyone getting a ticket for having E-codes.