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Lighting electrical issues....


May 30, 2015
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2007 Sport Trac Limited
So new problem, my dome light is now randomly turning on and my headlight switch when set to automatic only works intermittently.... I noticed that if I wiggled the key while driving once he done light turned on it would shut off but
Only if it had turned on.... I can't make it go on by wiggling the key...

Only changes I have done with the electrical was I installed a new stereo with a steering wheel controll adapter, but no other interface modules... Been noticing the steering wheel controls sometimes do alternate functions so makes me think something may be interfering with the computer... Could that somehow affect the lighting system?

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Need a new ignition switch. It's an easy to geto control module in your steering wheel box cover. Cost like $35-50 on amazon

Cool, thanks! Do you happen to know the part number?

Thanks I'll run a search!