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What are some good lights to buy for lighting the garage

I just spent $60 on some flood lights, thought it woudl really brighten the garage..well it only shoots donw a spot beam, looks like a fancy girly mans garage now

I just want a light buld type


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...I generally try to set up fluorescent fixtures, either 4' or 8'..

...If you have drywall on your walls or like a white paint, you will double your lighting area as it is reflective and about 3-4 will do at 4' long...I usually get some from Walmart that are about $10 each...They are 4' white, twin bulb, pull string and plug in as the cord is already attached and it also includes hanging chains which I hang them tight to the ceiling...

...These are great if you rent or own and you can easily relocate them as your shop evolves...The pull chains, I usually add a long string to so that when you turn on the switch, you can also turn on/turn off areas that you do/don't need light at...These are also electronic fixtures...
...Sorry for the long description but Walmart didn't have a pic...:rolleyes:


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August 10, 2006
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The flood lights work well, get some wide angle ones, and put a splitter in, so they are not pointed straight down. That's what I have, works really nice.