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Lightning Replicas

Hello all. New member here so please be kind!

I know that Explorer Express sells both the Cobra R replicas and the Bullit replicas, but neither of these are to my liking as much as the 2001 + Lightning wheels.

My problem is this: I beleive the 2001 + Explorer Sports have a 5x4.5 bolt circle. All the Lightning replica wheels I have seen are either 5x5 or 5x5.5! Has ANYONE come across some that are of the right bolt circle???

I dont want to use adapters or spacers, and if it comes down to it I will just have to abandon my dreams.

Thanks for the help!

Sorry I dont think they come in the right bolt pattern for ,but you could have them re driled not sure though might not be enough to drill.


Yeah, those are nice and in the right bolt pattern but not the Lightning style I wanted. I think the chunky 2001+ style would look great on the newer style. I guess I will just have to keep on looking. Thanks though!