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For Sale Like New Corbeau Baja Reclining Seats & Explorer (92-01) Dual slider base mounts


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August 1, 2008
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94 & 95 XLT's
Like new! Was installed in the truck, and removed after 2 weeks of use, but with Cabella seat covers on them. Went a different route. Stored in original plastic bags, inside a climate controlled area.

These have dual slider base's. Double extra goodness! Drivers has lumber air bladder added! Slotted for 5 point seat harness. Fully reclining suspension seats that are comfortable, and can be used for a Daily driver. They shine on the trails with the side leg & torso supports, that keep you in the seat. Bolsters are not crazy high on these, which makes them great for everyday use.

Paid $1200.00, offering them for $900.00 local pickup only, in STL, MO. My loss is your gain.

Black on black with black stitching.

Baja RS 1.jpg
Baja RS 2.jpg
Baja RS 3.jpg
Baja RS 4.jpg
Baja RS 5.jpg
Baja RS 1.jpg
Baja RS 4.jpg
Baja RS 5.jpg
Under seat view.jpg
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