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Like Old History? Own A Old Car?


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October 10, 2002
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Las Vegas Nevada
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93 4 Door XLT 4X2
This is not a typical website, (I.E. Mainstream) If you like old cars, and old history in general (Las Vegas in it's heyday, etc) could you join my website? Do you have a story about a trip you took to las vegas in your dad's old 1955 ford?

Even if you don't have a story, maybe you know someone who does? Do you work at a senior citizens home with internet access? I would be very happy if you told them about it!

More and more old people are leaving the earth everyday, and a story is lost when they leave. I want to work to save these stories, no matter if it is deemed "worthless" even if all the person can remember is a grocery store opening they attended/saw in 1955. I want to hear all the stories out there!

Anyone can join, talk about a story they have, a old car/truck/semi/delivery van they want, or whatever strikes the mood. Maybe you drive past a Ford Ranchero everyday, and want to own it so bad! Talk about it here!