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Great seller, quick responce to emails, fast shippment.
I would buy again, thanks alot.

I agree with bigtigexplorer completely! I would recommend him to someone else without hesitation!!

Great guy to deal with. Had everything ready to go very fast. The product got to my door just a few days after the deal was made and was very nicely packaged.:cool:

Great guy to deal with and fair prices.

Tail light guards were shipped the next day afer payment and must I say, DAMN! that was a lot of styrofoam peanuts! The items never even got a scatch on them even with all the dents/holes in the box from USPS.

I would buy from him again.

I should post here also. Bought some tail guards from him a looooong time ago. Great service :thumbsup:

Steve bought my EE airdam, piaa's and swapped running boards and rear bumpers. Drove all the way to my house to do the deal. Good guy to deal with. Highly recommended and would do business with again. :thumbsup:

Steve drove up again and we swapped hoods. Deal went smooth and so did the swap. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

LikuiD bought an OEM rear sub grill from me.

Fast payment :thumbsup: Great communication :thumbsup: NO problems :thumbsup: