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lil red build


May 10, 2009
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Lancaster Pa
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1992 explorer sport
hey everyone this is my 92 ford explorer sport 5spd 4x4
started as this

then found some tires

now its time to start the lift

where i stopped for the day

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Nice! What size lift are you going with? I've a red 91 2 door 5 speed and I love it!

im using a 6inch skyjacker lift and im doing soa swap in rear i think that will make the rear high enough i hope

well i ran into a snag while unbolting the radius arm the lower bolt i snapped the sleeve it threads too. so im not sure what im goin to do i was hoping i can cut head of bolt get that all out of there then get a grade 8 bolt n nut and put it back together. whats your guys ideas on this?

Do you have a welder? If so, would it be possible to weld the sleeve back to the TTB? If not I guess your best bet would be to cut the head off the bolt, remove all the bits and then start anew with a new bolt and nut. Welding the new nut into the TTB would make it easier to tighten preventing the nut from spinning when you go to reassemble (Could you get a wrench into the tube to hold the nut if you have to go that route? If not then securing that nut may be the only option)

im pretty sure i can get a wrench in but tomrrow ill know better