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limit strap help


Jack from JackOffRoad
August 26, 2004
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West Virginia
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1993 2dr
I was goofin off with my 93 the other day and started thinkin about limit straps. I searched on here for some info on sizes and locations but couldnt come up with any good posts. Anyone have any ideas on what length strap I should use for moderate off-roading on a 4" lifted vehicle? I'm fairly knew to the whole idea of straps so any info you can share with me would be appreciated.



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i do know they are usually made for the legth required to keep the shocks from bottoming out at full droop, , i would guess about 1-2 inches short of full droop on the a arm or differential,, usually from a solid point like a frame member or crossmember that could support the weight of what would be hanging off of the strap,,
they look like this,,

...I'm not sure about 4" lift sizes but, on my X...

...My front straps are 24" (20" straps and 24" center of bolt hole's on hardware)...

...My rear straps are 20" (16" straps and 20" center of bolt hole's on hardware)...

...But you do need to measure for full droop and figure about 2" short of that, as straps do stretch....location of mounting points are crucial too...;)

what got me thinkin about the straps is after putting the lift leaf packs on i was unable to bolt up my shock and leae the rear sway bar on.. so i had to remove the sway bar. i found out quick how much the rear sway bar supported the rear diff. i still have my front sway bar on, with ext. links and a pull pin disconnect although they wont be unhooked when im out so the front will still have some limit to how much it can droop. i'll have to jack up one side of rear end tomorrow to see how much is too much when flexing, and go from there as far as strap lenths.

I was thinking about mounting them to the inside channel of the from, and on the bottom, to the brackets where the sway bar use to mount. How did you mount yours, Ted?

...I'm not sure if these will help but this is my current set up..:dunno:

...This first pic is with the front, rear, shock removed so you can see the strap..

...And the rear strap...

...Although the rear's look short you can see I can still get the rear to flex in these pics..


....I will be working on the front end in the future, so this current set up will change...:hammer:

...You are very welcome...;)