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Limit_explorer is on half tons!

well i finished my sas with the dana 30, went wheeling a few times, and riooed the front axle out. had the 44 sitting on the side of the house for a few months, and now its installed

i used balistic fab radius arm and coil brackets, fabed up my radius arms with dom tubing for the uppers, and my old lowers. track bar is 1.5x .25 dom, and same tubing for my drag link. i used the stock tierod for now, but plan todo dom for tierod also.


front axle
dana 44 76 f150, 4.56, locrite

rear axle
dana 44 jeep wagoneer, 4.56s, disc conversion, chromo shafts, and yukon full spool.

93 Limited
5 Speed swap
Electric fan
harbor freight 12k winch
36in irok superswampers

rubicon express 6 inch coils, radius arms and bilstien 5165s(not installed yet currently has bilstien 5125s)

ford ranger extended cab leafs (heavyer duty then regular cab)
lift shackles (1.5" squar tube)
white shocks (no name)

still need toget my 5165s installed and get my front driveshaft lengthened.






clearnced xmember, to alow the suspension travel.


misc pics of sas when it was a dana 30



axle ripped out


ill be getting some new wheeling picture very soon!

What broke? It looks like a control arm mount broke and not the axle. I've been wheeling with my Dana 30 for the past 5 years and the axle housing has held up fine but I'm also running leaf springs.

yeah thats exactly what happend. the stock upper mounts ripped off the housing. it bent my highsteer bars, and broke my brand new 5125s so i opted to sell all the parts and put my 44 in finally. apon removal i noticed that my lowers where tearing also, so it was a good time to swap it out.

the only issue i had running that dana 30 was it kept eating through ball joints every wheeling trip but i think that was due to the 36s. i never popped a shaft either.

My ball joints have been fine but I have not had good luck with axle shafts. I've broken 4 drivers side and 1 passenger side so far. I also broke 4 teeth off the pinion gear but I think that has to do with not breaking the gears in before wheeling on them. I made sure I put plenty of miles on this new set. Oh and I'm only running 33's so hopefully I have better luck this time around. I have a HP44 sitting on the side of my house for the future but have too many projects right now to even consider installing it.