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Limited rear suspension issue

Tom Brown

November 30, 2007
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Regina, SK
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2000 Limited
My 2000 limited has a sagging rear suspension. As well as this, the air shock is leaking on the driver's side so I've had to turn off the air suspension. Turning off the air suspension causes a "check suspension" light on the dash.

Is there a cost effective solution? The sag isn't bad. The air shock used to take care of it but now it's gone.

I've read about F150 rear leaf swap, add a leaf, etc. Lots of good ideas.

Can I install air bags and connect them to the factory auto leveling system?

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I read a thread a couple of months ago that someone bought some monroe air shocks as a direct replacement from rockauto.

It's really not that expensive to replace the air shocks - should be much cheaper than new leaf springs. If you have a good spring shop in your area, you could have the springs rebuilt for a reasonable price.

I'd definitely recommend taking care of the springs. Having bad springs will just put more stress on new air shocks and shortening their lifespan.

I read a thread a couple of months ago that someone bought some monroe air shocks as a direct replacement from rockauto.

Any idea what shocks would be a direct replacement? I'm guessing Monroe 40006/40007?

The only threads I can find are for the previous generation ARC system which has air shocks on all four corners.

I'm considering the F150 spring swap.

Since my rear is sagged only slightly, why can't I just lower the front to match?

Also, does anyone know what wire to cut on the ARC to make the dash light go out?

Yes, 40006/40007 are the correct ones. I don't know why Monroe doesn't reference them for 99-01, but they're the same.

You could lower the front a bit (adjust the torsion bars), but you'd loose suspension travel. I personally wouldn't do that.

To get rid of the light you can remove the small ARC fuse or unplug the module.

Thanks, hworksinc. :)

I think my truck has different wiring than you illustrated in that thread. My box under the hood looks different than that.

I had found that thread previously as the only relevant thread but pulling fuse 8 didn't work. I pulled the #8 maxi fuse and the #8 mini fuse. Neither caused the "Check Susp" light to go out.

Maybe I should pull them all, one at a time, and see if I can find the one that kills the indicator light.

For what it's worth, I pulled out Maxi Fuse 8 & 9 and checked with the air suspension swithced on and off. Nothing would make the "Check Susp" light on the dash go out. :(